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Mindy Ash

Mastering Others Is Strength. Mastering Yourself Is True Power - Lao Tzu

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
- Henry Ford

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
- Albert Einstein

As you read every word on this page, you begin to realize that people just like yourself use hypnosis every day to improve their life.

Years ago, wearing nothing but a skimpy Tarzan Jane outfit, I went out to have a good time on Halloween. I had been away from Honolulu for several years and was back for a two-week visit.

My dear friend, Jacque, reserved a table for us and some of her friends at the Elks club. She was excited for me to meet her handsome friend, Ralph. As you can imagine, everyone was having fun dancing. The music was loud, and the drinks were flowing. Pirate Ralph and I were dancing and trying to hold a conversation, but the music was so loud we could barely hear each other. Throughout the evening, Ralph kept saying, “You look familiar, you look familiar.”
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Ralph non-smoker
Tina Ott Non-Smoker

Even after having open-heart surgery, Tina continued her two packs a day habit. In 2011, she went on an Alaskan cruise and told her children she would stop smoking when she got back to Hawaii. She told me she bought cartons of cigarettes on the mainland because they were cheaper. Tina said, “I made sure I smoked all my cigarettes except for one before coming into your office.”

Years after the session, she mentioned, “I really didn't feel like I was even hypnotized. But I have never had another cigarette, never craved one and am alright around friends that still smoke. It's truly amazing. I don't miss it at all and truly can’t believe I ever smoked!”

While installing cell phone towers in O’ahu, McKenny saw my stop smoking commercial and decided to give it a go. On September 16, 2009, he walked into my office as a smoker who consumes one pack a day. Since his sessions with me, he learned to stop and never touched a cigarette again.

McKenny was amazed by hypnosis and began doing sessions for self-improvement, weight loss, and much more. We became friends, and we stayed in touch when he moved to Las Vegas. He invited me to his wedding when I moved to Vegas years ago.

Empty asphalt road - concept success

Imagine relaxing in a chair and listening to the sound of my voice. It’s almost as if I am reading you a bedtime story. Maybe we’ll talk a little bit, maybe you’ll drift off, and then about 45 minutes later, you will notice that you’ve changed for the better and everything will happen so easily, as if I waved a magic wand.

Why Choose Hypnosis

Have you ever tried to break from bad habits through willpower and positive thinking? Many people who try to change through willpower feel like they have a fight going on in their heads. Your conscious part knows why you want to change. However, your subconscious part continues to do the negative behavior.

Hypnosis is the solution that makes the most sense. It deals with where the problem is located—in your subconscious mind.

The Success Rate of Hypnosis

Here are the results of the study performed and reported in American Health Magazine:

  • Out of 600 psychoanalysis sessions performed, clients had a 38% recovery or success rate.
  • Out of 22 behavioral therapy sessions performed, clients had a 72% recovery or success rate.
  • Out of 6 hypnotherapy sessions performed, clients had a 93% recovery or success rate.

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